Frequently asked questions

Usually JoMash patch release are provided whenever a new Qlik Sense® version is release that has updates to the API’s so that you are always up-to-date with the latest Qlik® releases.

On top JoMash feature releases are provided from time-to-time to extend the capabilities of JoMash even more.

The Qlik Sense® Dev-Hub helps you to create very simple mashups for testing purposes that help you to understand what a mashup is. Objects can also be place by drag & drop. However, everything else still requires a lot of development that will take you weeks or months in development instead of just minutes. The following advantages can be expected for example from JoMash.

  • New pages can be created with a single click. HTML codes doesn’t need to be written
  • The page layout is fully flexible and new container can be created by just one click. In Dev-Hub you need to write HTML code.
  • Fully responsive design optimized for Laptop, iPad and iPhone
  • Extendable filter panel is availble in JoMash out of the box. There is nothing compareable in Dev-Hub.
  • App-Ids for multiple environments can be stored in the configuration file so that you don’t need to change them before you deploy to production
  • Multiple apps can be connected
  • Full-Screen and Export functionality available out-of-the-box

… and many more differences!

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